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People living with asthma, allergies and other upper respiratory issues are more vulnerable to mold spores in the air as well as crystals in the air which may be a result of the crawl space environment. Now again I'm not going to throw out a lot of fancy words and terms that may send you to Google! I'm going to give it to you straight and to the point. To have a clean and healthy crawl space there are a few things everyone with a conventional (Open Vent) crawl space must have:

  • Adequate Vapor Barrier (Minimum of 10 Mil True Vapor Barrier) Not any of the plastics you would purchase at your local hardware store. This Product should cover all exposed earth as well as at least 12" of foundation wall. You may cover more of the wall but I would'nt go all the way up to the sill plate. Termite inspectors have frowned on this in the past and have actually imposed not granting certificates because they cannot tell if insects are colonizing up the foundation wall leading up to the wood)
  • Sealed off Foundation Vents We do not want to introduce any outside humidity into the space.
  • Dehumidifier You want a dehumidifier that will control the entire space with a built in Humidistat.
  • Debris Free A clean ground; No old construction debris or new junk from the last contractor down there doing work. Most importantly. No sharp objects which will puncture your New Barrier.
We have reliable products that will remove fungal growth from wood structure below as well as prevent it from coming back.

Products we use:

  • 10 Mil Heavy Duty Sheathing
  • 15 Mil Heavy Duty Sheathing
  • 12 Mil Reinforced Poly
  • 6 Mil Reinforced Poly
All of the above plastics are attached to the foundation wall by drilling into the foundation and attaching with fasteners. Ground Seams are taped with a special 3" and 4" tape. For Crawl Spaces in low lying areas subject to flooding, let us install our best sump pumps with EZ Flow drainage. Our pumps come with/without alarms so if the power goes out your alarm will sound off if water level is too high. We can do it all for you when it comes down to making your crawl space a useful part of your home. One thing for sure, you will have the comfort of knowing your crawl is clean, healthy and we can breath much easier inside the house! Give us a call or Email to set up your Inspection and Estimate. When you request our service your inspection fee will be applied to the project cost.