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We have been working in crawl Spaces for over 11 years now. We are not Engineers. We are not in the Termite and Bug Industry. What we are however, is Certified Water, Mold and Drying Technicians. This means we know how much moisture is in building material and what causes Mold to grow and what to do to prevent as well as eliminate growth.

As the lead technician of this outfit I have seen many different crawl spaces and all in different arrays. What many homeowners do not realize is, that the crawl space is a part of your home. What lies beneath your feet actually reflects the inside of your home. If the under structure is wet,damp and musty then you best believe you will see mold growing in closets, and other areas which are most often closed off from the breathing area of the house (cabinets and vanities) as well as along the bottom wall. You will see mold in areas throughout the inside of your home along baseboards and drywall.